“Please insert overwritable media into the robotic library using  the import command is displayed and the job status Queued during a backup job and overwritable media is available in the library and media sets.



 Alert:: Please insert overwritable media into the robotic library using the import command



Even after Basic troubleshooting steps have been performed in the Related Articles Section below,  the backup job may still prompt for media and stay in a queued status.  To resolve this issue:
1. Go to the Devices Tab in Backup Exec
2. Check the Export Pending Status of the targeted media by right clicking on the media and viewing the properties of the tape.
When a template runs that has an associated export template to export , Yes is displayed; otherwise, No is displayed.  If an Export job is ran to export media and the export job is canceled or fails this will leave the media in a “Export Pending” state until it is physically removed from the library or imported again.
Note: Media that is in the state of “Export Pending Yes”  cannot be used for backup jobs.


Step 1:
Run a Import Job on the media/slot to change the “Export Pending” state to “No” to allow the media to be written to for a backup job. If the media still shows up as “Export Pending Yes” after running the import job as mentioned in step 1 then perform steps mentioned in step 2.
Step 2:
Make a copy of Backup Exec catalogs folder (Just in case the changes needs to be rolled back ).
NOTE: The default location of catalog folder for Backup Exec for Windows Servers 11d and above is the C:\Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec\Catalogs.
Move the media which is in the state of “Export Pending Yes” to retired media set and then delete it.
Re-inventory the slot containing the media.  Now the export pending on that slot should show as ‘No’ and the media should be usable again.

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Description Please insert overwritable media into the robotic library using the import command. Overwritable media includes scratch, blank, and recyclable media

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