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  • SBS 2011 add disk to backup targets
    Server 2008 has a good backup solution however if a drive goes bad trying to add an new drive is a pain unless you use the command prompt! Add a new disk to the backup schedule by running the wbadmin command from an elevated command prompt. Run the following command from an elevated command prompt […]
  • Cisco Troubleshooting
    Troubleshooting is about three big things: predicting what can happen, determining the anomalies, and investigating why that anomalies happened. Many network admins break down network infrastructure problems by analyzing the Layer 3 path through the network, hop by hop, in both directions. This process helps them isolate the problem; once they determine which hop in […]
  • Group policy makes machine unusable
    Every admin has made an error while creating a group policy and blew up an important machine. Murphy’s law states that you will then be unable to get the policy to repeal itself on the machine.  Well this handy little tip will save the day. delete the following file while you are logged in a […]
  • Ubuntu Boot partition Full
    Can’t Use apt-get i.e. /boot is 100% full NOTE: this is only if you can’t use apt to clean up due to a 100% full /boot 1. Get the list of kernel images Get the list of kernel images and determine what you can do without. This command will show installed kernels except the currently […]
  • Cisco Catalyst 2960G Switch Routing
    The 2960G is a great gig switch that is being pulled from corporations and flooding the grey market. The switch is great for home lab use etc. Most people do not know that if you are running a later version of IOS on it it will also do layer 3 routing! this is how you […]

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